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REO Listings

Thank you for your interested in purchasing our REO (real estate owned) properties.  This is a FORECLOSURE, not a “short sale” property.  Short sales typically take a long time to process and are very difficult and complicated as opposed to REO properties.  Buying an REO property is not much different than buying from a private party.  There are 2 things however that is necessary when making an offer.  You MUST SUBMIT EXACTLY as described below, or your offer WILL NOT be submitted - READ CAREFULLY.

1.    Pre-approval letter from lender assigned by bank, which will be determined. 

         ( The buyer is free to use any lender they want, only a pre-approval letter from a selected lender is necessary )

2.    Proof of funds.  A copy of a bank statement, or wherever the down payment funds are coming from.


Please email me with your name and contact information at for a list of all our bank owned (REO) properties.

Note:  I also have many REO listings that have not yet on the market nor the MLS listings,  email me if you are interested in those prelist properties.